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Do you own large Fish, Reptiles, or Turtles?

Do you have trouble finding suitable fresh quality food?

Look no further…. Here at How’s Ya tackle we stock a wide range of Bait products that are perfect as food for your beloved pets.

For far too long it has been hard to source quality food, at reasonable prices. We have partnered with many Fishing entities to bring you the best products on the market.

Our bait range is sourced from Grade A products commonly referred to as “Food Grade”, While we do not suggest eating out bait it is of the highest standard for all your fishing experiences.

We currently stock the following items:

  • IQF Pilchards

  • Whitebait

  • Cockles

  • Prawns

  • Squid

  • Australian Scrub Worms

  • Gents

  • Mullet

Our baits can be sourced from one of our machines visit our locations maps HERE or from one of our stockists.

If you would like to buy in bulk, please complete the form below and get in contact the same goes if you would like to be a retailer of our products.

We are happy to provide wholesaler rates and agreements for all stores wanting to stock our product. Min Qty applies, please enquire.

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